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The Occurrence

The Occurrence | Puzzle 504 PC - EATON'S FALL-WINTER #15-52

The Occurrence | Puzzle 504 PC - EATON'S FALL-WINTER #15-52

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Piece Count: 504 - because if 500 is good, 504 is better!
Finished Size: 16.5 x 23.4"

Perfect For: Long bouts of pensive stoicism
Recommended Pairings: That depends... Did you finish all your chores?

The T. Eaton Co. was the Amazon of it’s day.  You could order anything from agricultural equipment, musical instruments, toys, books, appliances, clothing, and by the 1920’s, you could even buy a prefabricated house or barn.  So beloved was the Eaton's catalogue, that it became affectionately known as the Homesteaders' Bible, the Wish Book, the Want book, and simply, the Book.  In an interesting bit of artistic ‘tension’ the farmer appears to be both pining for and apprehensive of the gleaming city on the horizon.  Look closely, and you will see a castle floating just above the horizon.  Fata Morgana is an optical phenomena that occurs when rays of light are bent through layers of cold dense air and significantly warmer air creating a mirage just above the horizon.  Bla bla bla science, Fata Morgana is an Italian term which came from the belief that these mirages or fairy castles in the air were created by witchcraft. Apprehension and allure in one glorious puzzle.

Reproduced in vivid wide-gamut colour, and mounted on genuine Eska board.

The Occurrence. Made in Haliburton, Ontario!  

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