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The Occurrence

The Occurrence | Puzzle 504 PC - EATON'S SPRING-SUMMER #15-51

The Occurrence | Puzzle 504 PC - EATON'S SPRING-SUMMER #15-51

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Piece Count: 504 - because if 500 is good, 504 is better!
Finished Size: 16.5 x 23.4"

Perfect For: Resting your gams after a night of doin' the Charleston
Recommended Pairings: Bathtub gin with a twist of lime

The ‘Roaring 20’s’ that followed the Influenza Pandemic of 1918 saw a surge in the economy and mass consumerism. With it came a newfound fascination with the ‘Far East’. On this cover of the Spring & Summer catalogue, the well heeled flapper sits beneath an Oriental paper lantern and is wearing Canton Crepe. Canton Crepe was a soft, silk crepe with a pebbly surface made in Britain, but exported to China, hence the name. 

The dress is advertised for $22.50 CAD. In today’s dollars that would be roughly $348.00. That’s a lot of mazuma!!

Reproduced in vivid wide-gamut colour, and mounted on genuine Eska board.

The Occurrence. Made in Haliburton, Ontario!  

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