Alice Hinther's THE LOST GLEBE

Alice Hinther's THE LOST GLEBE

UPDATE: We are currently out of stock of Alice Hinther’s The Lost Glebe puzzles. This wonderful set has been an instant favorite in the area and we hope to get more in soon. We urge you to follow our social media and check our website for news of when they return. Until then, we have more Alice Hinther puzzles, as well as many other delightful puzzles, to keep you busy. August 15th, 2023.

Ottawa’s own Alice Hinther has created the ultimate homage to The Glebe- in a 1008 piece jigsaw puzzle! A gift of memorabilia as well as puzzling, enjoy a trip down memory lane as you assemble this delightful local gem, The Lost Glebe. See this and other great puzzles at our temporary location, upstairs at 858 Bank Street.

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