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Ferris Wheel Press

Carousel Fountain Pen | Medium Nib - BILLOWING BLUSH #CRSL-M-FT2402

Carousel Fountain Pen | Medium Nib - BILLOWING BLUSH #CRSL-M-FT2402

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​​​​The Carousel is a joyous writing instrument that combines tactility and nostalgia in a lightweight body to create a charming experience with every single detail. The custom-ground steel nib is playful and agile, producing beautifully nuanced lines with its subtle flexibility. Available in both fine and medium weights, this nib is stamped with a galloping horse that dances to your every word.

Presented in a light pink, Billowing Blush, this small batch run is available only while quantities last.

Every Carousel fountain pen comes equipped with its own ink converter, ready to be filled and refilled all over again with your favourite Ferris Wheel Press Ink.

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