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Sharpener | DUO #183500-5

Sharpener | DUO #183500-5

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Twin sharpening box, black,

Dual sharpener with a reservoir for cuttings. 

The quality of a sharpener, especially the blade, is crucial for optimum sharpening of wood-clad pencils. Due to their robust and hard leads, graphite pencils can be sharpened to a very thin point. Given their softer leads, colour pencils are sharpened to a shorter and blunter point.

  • Quality sharpener for simple and clean sharpening
  • For all popular pencil shapes: standard and jumbo
  • Suitable for graphite and colour pencils
  • With safety screw

For optimum sharpening, we recommend replacing the sharpener now and then because the sharpener blade will become blunt over time and result in more tip breakages.

Faber-Castell. Made in Germany.

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