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Octopus Fluids

Write & Draw | 50 mL Ink Bottle - 467 PETROL DEER #WD-PR-075-050

Write & Draw | 50 mL Ink Bottle - 467 PETROL DEER #WD-PR-075-050

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This 50 mL bottle contains a light creamy teal/blue ink. Waterproof ink, used for both writing and drawing.

Unlike most waterproof inks, Octopus Write & Draw Inks can be used in fountain pens, although it is recommended that you use an inexpensive pen and be diligent in making sure the pen does not dry out. With its waterproof character, the binder used in the inks is not easily dissolved when dry. Tightly capped pens may perform better, but in most cases it is recommended that the pen be cleaned after each use. Write & Draw Ink is also ideal for use with dip pens and glass pens. 

Made by Octopus Fluids in Germany.

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