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Ferris Wheel Press

Frosted Carnival Collection | HEARTY HARVEST #INK-38-HH *PICK UP ONLY*

Frosted Carnival Collection | HEARTY HARVEST #INK-38-HH *PICK UP ONLY*

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Nestled in Grandmother Grizzelda's cottage, join Bearnice as she relishes the blissful ambiance of the warm glow of the hearth. As the sun sets, snuggle into an overstuffed armchair with a steaming cup of tea, savouring the aroma of home-baked cookies and pumpkin spiced pies. Bask in cherished memories, with walls that echo with laughter from generations past. Add warmth to your writings with this hearty amber ink that captures the embrace of family and joyous traditions.

Ink Tone: Amber Butterscotch with Rose Gold Shimmer
Characteristics: Warm, syrupy, celebratory, radiant

  • 38 ml bottle
  • Rich and Saturated tones
  • Rose Gold shimmer
  • Water-based and compatible with all fountain pens
  • Signature brass cap

Ferris Wheel Press. Made in Canada 


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