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Heinz Jordan

Lukas Travel 1/2 Pan Watercolours- Set of 24 #246856-4

Lukas Travel 1/2 Pan Watercolours- Set of 24 #246856-4

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Lukas Travel Box is a rigid, gloss plastic with three palette mixing areas and a removable pan tray. Watercolour brush included.

This set contains 24 half pans of varied levels of transparency or opacity: Chinese White S/T, Lemon Yellow (Primary) T, Cadmium Yellow (Hue) S/T, Indian Yellow S/T, Cadmium Orange (Hue) T, Cadmium Red (Hue) T, Magenta (Primary Red) T, Alizarin Crimson S/T, English Red O, Cyan (Primary Blue) T, Cobalt Blue (Phthalo) S/T, Ultramarine S/T, Prussian Blue S/O, Violet S/O, Indigo S/T, Sap Green S/TOlive Green O, Viridian (Phthalo) S/T, Yellow Ochre S/T,  Burnt Sienna S/O, Burnt Umber S/O, Raw Umber O, Payne’s Grey O, Ivory Black S/O.

Fine Studio quality with exclusively pure and intense pigments. Exceptional coverage and dilution value from gum arabic, selected dextrins, and special glucose derivatives. Very Good to Excellent lightfastness.

Lukas-Nerchau GmbH, Germany. Colour made in the UK.

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