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Watercolour Paint Set | 12 Pan - CLASSIC

Watercolour Paint Set | 12 Pan - CLASSIC

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Rosa Gallery watercolours are artist grade paints with high pigment load and lightfastness, nicely filled into full pans (2.5 ml) and thoughtfully packed in a tin box: convenient, useful,  and practical.

Combine traditional colours for watercolour techniques. Most of the colours in the range of the set are monopigmented, which allows you to create pure shades when mixed. The majority of the colours being single pigment enable us to obtain numerous amazing pure shades when the colours are mixed.

The metal case is convenient when working in the outdoors, traveling or in the studio. It has two palettes of different configurations and a cuvette holder.  In the new cases, rows of fastening for pans are fixed with a special catch. This method of fastening makes their connection with the base strong and reliable, resistant to water. Also, if necessary, they are easy to detach and use the free space for a brush, liner or pencil.

  • Organic gum Arabic
  • High lightfastness
  • High pigment concentration
  • Clear and vibrant colours
  • Easy dilution and brushing properties

702 - Cadmium Lemon, 731 - Cadmium Yellow Light, 706 - Cadmium Red Light, 725 - Madder Red, 711 - Green, 712 - Emerald Green, 716 - Cobalt Blue, 715 - Ultramarine, 719 - Yellow Ochre, 722 - Umber, 720 - Sepia, 724 - Neutral black

Rósa Gallery. Made in Ukraine

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